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Gallery Guide - How to use

Please note: If you wish to use an image in your post or in a reply to a post it needs to be in your gallery before you start your posting.

Start by selecting Upload Photos you will be presented with a screen similar to below

Screen 1

Click "Add Files" which will open a screen showing your file structure, Navigate to the image you want to upload.

You can select any number of images to upload at once, the only deciding factor is the speed of your Internet connection, you do not have to have resized the images before upload as the software will do this for you.

Screen 2

Once you have selected the images you wish to upload, they will appear in the upload screen, at this time you can decide to give them a brief description and whether the should be public or private.

If you choose to make them Public then after upload they will appear in the Forums "Public Gallery"

Happy with your selection and Description, Private / Public selection press the "Start Upload" button.

Screen 3

Whilst your images are being uploaded a progress bar will display and the screen will dim slightly, at this stage you need to do nothing but sit back and plan you next ride.

Once finished uploading you will automatically be transfered to "You Gallery" page where you will see all of your uploaded images 18 at a time.

You also again have the ability to add a title and decide if the image should be included in the public gallery

Screen 4

Using an image in a New Topic or in a Reply is easy.

At the top of the editor is a button with "G", this will give you access to the images in your Gallery.

Screen 5

Your images are displayed 6 at a time and there are paging controls to move through your pages.

To insert an image, simply click the image you wish to insert and it will appear in the post you are about to make.

Screen 6

Images may be uploaded from any device that has Internet connection and the ability to view the Forum.

Remember you do not need to resize your image it the software will do this for you.

The speed of upload is dependent on two things, the speed of you Internet connection, and the number of images you are uploading.

Goldwing Riders >> Gallery Guide
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